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White Currant Tomato

The White Currant Tomato is the most unique and sweetest tomato I have discovered. This is the tomato I prefer to make my white tomato bisque with white carrots. It has become one of the Chefs favorites to garnish a plate. This tomato is about half the size of a cherry tomato. It is very labour intensive requiring special handling due to its delicate nature and the specialized growing requirements. This tomato has graced the plates of select high profile restaurants in Northeast Florida.

Indigo Rose Tomato

The Indigo Rose Tomato is a relatively new cultivar. The Indigo Rose is the work of Professor Jim Meyers of the Oregon State University. By careful crossbreeding he developed what is considered the world's most healthy. Besides being naturally rich in antioxidants, the deep purple, almost black skin provides anthocyanins. Since it is a northern bred tomato, I have spent four years growing this tomato, harvesting the seed each year to acclimate this plant to the harsh Florida climate. I now have a very nice, sweet and juicy tomato with a unique flavour that stands by itself. The pink juices appeal to the eye. This tomato requires special attention throughout the season for the best results.

Mixed Cherry Tomato Blend

My mixed cherry tomato blend may contain up to 20 varieties of cherry tomatoes. The list of tomatoes will remain a secret, at least for now. The popularity of mixed tomatoes since I started growing has inspired my competitors, I am flattered.

Padron Peppers

Padron peppers are a variety of peppers from the municipality of Padron in the province of Coru~na, Galicia, northwestern Spain. I started growing these at the request of a Chef of a Spanish restaurant. Eating these is likened to playing Rusian roulette, one in five may be hot. By controlling the growing environment, watering methods and diligent picking scheme, the heat can be more controlled and milder.

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